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woman who worked every presidential election since 1952. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is here in san francisco where today that woman is getting some much deserved recognition. >> reporter: at 1:30, secretary of state debra bowen will honor elisa kennedy, 96 years old. this is her garage which is a polling place. and she is taking a well deserved break right now. that's you're not seeing her. but she is the longest running poll worker in the state. >> wh... >> reporter: every election 96- year-old elisa kennedy invites voters into the garage of her san francisco home. it's an official polling place complete with 5 booths where people can cast their votes. >> very rewarding, shall i say, meeting people in public -- public people. and getting to know all my neighbors. >> reporter: elisa is the longest serving poll worker in the state going on 63 years. today, she is being honored by secretary of state debra bowen for her dedication. >> absolutely amazing. absolutely amazing. my goodness. she remembers the election of truman? my goodness! that's way before i was even born. >> reporter:
. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at the port this morning where they are setting up picket lines. >> reporter: there are two picket lines this morning. one at the airport the other here at the port. you can see quite a few people out here holding up their signs. they have been chanting. we're expecting hundreds more to come throughout the morning. but look at these truck drivers. they are trying to get into the port to take care of their daily business. but they cannot get through because of the strikers. so it appears that they are affecting operations this morning. their goal is to shut down the port for the day. hundreds of workers and supporters have been shuttling into the port for a one-day strike. there are two picket lines, one at the port another at the airport that actually launched last night. most of these are under the same management. some airport workers represented by the service employees international union started striking last night heading up a picket line outside of terminal one. they will also hold a rally today at noon. more than 200seiu workers have been
. >> a major street blocked after a deadly police shooting this morning. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington explains the shooting began with a domestic violence call. she has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. central avenue is closed while police investigate this officer- involved shooting and you can't see the house where this happened, but if you look down central avenue where those flashing lights are, that's where police killed a man late last night when responding to a domestic violence call. it happened on the 4500 block of central avenue in fremont. a woman called 911 at around 11:00 saying her roommate was being attacked. when police arrived, it was quite a dramatic scene. a woman came running out of the house. behind her, her estranged husband. he was naked and chasing her with a knife. >> officers arrived and found a female later identified as our victim running out of the unit with her husband pursuing her. he was naked with a knife in his hand. officers demanded that the suspect stop, drop his weapon. when he refused to do so, officers fired their weapons. >> reporter: the
thanks not standing in line. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington reports. j.c. penney just opened but that's hours after some other stores. >> reporter: that's right. it opened at 5 a.m. many others opened at 6 a.m. so much later than what we have been seeing with many of their competitors. some even opened yesterday thanksgiving day to offer shoppers some deals. the reason is j.c. penney said it didn't want to overlap into thanksgiving and that customers should not have as to stay up late or wake up super early to get a good deal. the company's ceo ron johnson has changed the business model getting read of sales and coupons and instead offering the lowest possible prices every day. they had a $123 million loss last quarter. but they are sticking to their guns. they are having a black friday friday sale the only sale of the year. i spoke with some shoppers who went inside and got some gifts. >> i think people were going for electronics and stuff. it wasn't really too much of a disappointer or anything. >>> reporter: the ceo was inside early this morning and i got a chance to speak with him
, a fremont man is dead, shot and killed by police in a bizarre early- morning shooting. elissa harrington has the details. >> reporter: investigators carry large bags of evidence out of a fremont apartment building that was the scene of a bizarre officer-involved shooting. police shot and killed a naked knife-wielding man who was chasing his estranged wife on the 4500 block of central avenue. around 11:00 last night, the woman's roommate called police to report a domestic dispute. >> officers arrived and found a female who was later identified as our victim running out of the unit with her husband pursuing her. he was naked with a knife in his hand. officers demanded that the suspect stop, drop his weapon. >> reporter: police said he would not follow orders. so they shot him. the gunfire was so loud, it woke sleeping neighbors. >> i was in bed and my window was open and i heard about 5 gunshots go off. >> heard a woman faintly, you know, screaming. i'm not sure what she was saying. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as a 37-year- old from san jose. he was pronounced dead at the hos
% of the vote but not everyone is happy about it. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us the impact there on business. >> reporter: anyone who has worked for minimum wage knows it can be rough especially living in a city where the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,700 a month. >> didn't pay my bills and it took me away from solving my other problems. i was going around like a hamster in a circle. >> reporter: so san jose residents voted in favor of measure d, raising minimum wage here from $8 an hour to 10. but workers like johnnie garcia at peanuts deluxe cafe across from san jose state university -- >> it will make a difference in my life. i'll have more money for me to help myself with the rent or other bills. >> reporter: but for the owners -- >> very tough for small businesspeople. >> reporter: peanuts has been a college area staple for 30 years run by this man and his wife. chang says the extra $2 an hour now means less hours for employees and longer days for himself. he is anticipating 16-plus hour days and no vacations. >> probably no more hire people. a
is still on the run. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is on the developing story. >> reporter: the city raised the reward money to $20,000. they are asking for the public's help in identifying this suspect and getting him off the streets before somebody else becomes a victim. this is who police are looking for, a man in his early 20s, 5'10" to 6 feet tall who officers call armed, dangerous and a threat to the community. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks, who is in custody, went on a slight rampage friday night killing a man and injuring an officer. >> these were heinous crimes perpetrated by two individuals who have no regard for human life. >> reporter: their crime spree started around 7:30 when they robbed a little caesar's at gunpoint, then a gas station, jack-in-the-box and spa. then they drove to a 7-eleven where 22-year-old rory parkpettiford found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. he was shot during an attempted carjacking. >> rory parkpettiford was an innocent victim doing what we have all done, stopping at a convenience store for soda, coffee, snack, w
for trucks and longshoremen all morning. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in oakland with more. >> reporter: hi there. that's right. well, it's very quiet here at the port. there are still a couple of picketers behind me but all the longshoremen have been told to go home. all the truckers have also left. even though a port spokesman will not tell me that the port has officially been shut down, the union workers i talked to say the strike was a success. two picket lines in oakland one at the port one at oakland international airport, more than 200 workers with the local service employees international union are on a 24-hour strike upset that port executives want to cut wages and benefits and can't come to an agreement with the union. >> we have been without a contract over 16 months, that's not right. >> reporter: they shut down the port to make a statement to the executives. >> they haven't been honest, they haven't been negotiating in good faith. >> reporter: by the middle of the day no one was able to get in or out of the terminal. picketers covered all gates. on a typical da
ready. that includes a bay area town that's no stranger to flooding. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us what residents there are doing to stay safe. >> reporter: this is downtown san anselmo today the calm before the storm. this was the downtown back in january of 2005 after rain and wind pummeled the area flooding the creek and the streets, devastating businesses. >> standing water about four or five feet within the building. >> reporter: the lieutenant with the twin cities san anselmo police department says since then, there have been a lot of changes to prevent another disaster. >> we have cleaned out the storm drains. we've cleaned out the creeks. we've sent media alerts -- or excuse me, email alerts to the merchants. about three-quarters of the merchants have floodgates now. >> reporter: the town has also approved spending $20,000 to install a floodwater detention basin at memorial park. a series of powerful storms is expected to hit bay area over the next few days into the weekend. we're talking up to 8" of rain in some places, high winds, possible flooding and power outa
.com/weather. >>> a fire ripped through a south bay camper today. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose with the good man is who saved the women inside. >> reporter: frightening moments for the two women inside this camper when it caught on fire. but thanks to that good samaritan, they made tout alive. here's some video taken by a cbs 5 viewer who saw this happen. this camper is parked on santiago avenue near tully road. now here's some video of the good samaritan. he is an employee with the evergreen school district who didn't want to be interviewed. he was driving through the area making rounds because there is a school across the street and he saw flames and heard screaming. that man got out of his car, broke the windows to the camper and forced open the door. he also tried to extinguish the flames himself using a garden hose. two women inside got out safely although one did suffer burns to her hands. the other smoke inhalation. they had been lighting candles to stay warm when they fell asleep. >> it's just one of those things during the holidays and around cold time that we burn can
for irresolutions soon. elissa harrington is there. and many spent the night in front of the store didn't they. >> they have been out here 24 hours a day since they first went on strike one week ago. temperatures dipped into the low 40s overnight, so it is chilly. they have a fire going. they have their blankets and employees have been out here ever since last sunday when the strike first started. there's pressure on both sides to reach an agreement, especially before the busy holiday season. thousands of employees represented by the united food workers union have been walking the picket line since last week. the union refused to accept the contract proposal. here's what it included a wage freeze. holding veterans clerking at 21.30. they wanted to eliminate sunday and holiday premium pay. workers i talked wanted their contracts to stay as they were and were hoping for a speedy resolution. >> our main problem is they want to take our insurance that we have now, our medical and change it to raley's private insurance which means they're in charge of it and they can change it when they want to cha
55% of the votes needed to pass last night. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us with what this means for the city of san jose and she joins us live in san jose now. elissa harrington. >> reporter: what this means is tens of thousands of workers in san jose will get a 25% raise. the measure d does seam to be holding on strong to its lead this morning and if it passes, minimum wage will go from $8 an hour, which is the state's hourly minimum, to $10 an hour. measure d has been a very big issue here ever since some san jose state sociology students came up with the idea. it got the support of labor unions and backers raised nearly $300,000 to fight for it. >> 50,000 people in san jose, the tenth larger city in the country, are going to get a raise. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: those against measure d including some business owners worry that if it passes, that will lead to them having to cut jobs, cut hours and might prevent new businesses from wanting to open here. in fact, san jose mayor chuck reed is one of the opponents. there are still quite a few vote-by-mail ba
>> but first, let's kick it off with elissa harrington. she is in san anselmo where flooding is always a big concern. elissa. >> reporter: it always is a big concern here and that's why the people who live and work in san anselmo are not taking any chances. they have been loading up on sandbags to protect their homes and their businesses. now, even though creek levels are low, rain will pound this area over the next few days. some of the wettest areas could see 8 to 10 inches of rain. the city says it has prepared for this storm. public works crews walked the creek and cleared branches and debris and have also cleaned out storm drains. some businesses have storm gates and people who live in low-lying areas of town have been visiting the free sandbag station on sunnyhill drive. >> we live kind of in a low spot at the bottom of a hill. so a lot of water comes down and so this is to go around the garage and some of the doors and also in the basement. >> reporter: the san anselmo creek which runs through the middle of town floods at about 13 feet. you're looking at video from 200
.c. penney opened just minutes ago. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the retailer in daly city. elissa, tell us about this new marketing strategy. >> reporter: j.c. penney wasn't even supposed to open until 6:00 this morning but opened an hour early at 5:00. you can see shoppers inside. some of the competitors opened as early as yesterday to offer deal seekers door buster sales. j.c. penney has a different business model. they are all about low prices every day. the new ceo ron johnson eliminated sales and coupon deals to try to change the way america shops. sales dropped by 26%. the company also posted a $123 million loss last quarter. still, they are sticking to their guns. they are, however, having this black friday sale. they are calling their only sale weekend of the year but they didn't want to overlap into thanksgiving. they decided they were not going to open until today. usually they open at 4 a.m. on black friday. they opened an hour later. i spoke with some shoppers waiting for the doors to open. >> it's a little late an everyone is probably really tired and they won
somewhere in the mess there is elissa harrington at kmart. >> reporter: when the doors open people literally ran inside grabbing their carts around rushing off to the areas where they want to get gifts. they are shopping for themselves, too. some of the hot ticket items electronics. here at kmart, you can get a 42" tv for 199.99. used to be $450. nintendo dsi for 79.99. some dvd players for $10. digital cameras for $50. so some people -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: so some people have been waiting in line since 10:00 last night waited 8 hours to get in here. but we're talking about black friday. it's thursday right, thanksgiving, well a lot of stores to stay competitive are opening early this year not just kmart but several others, as well. they want to get shoppers in the doors early and then back home so that they can still enjoy thanksgiving with their family. i talked with quite a few people early this morning who were waiting in line and asked them if this is all worth it. >>> we got here around 3:00. so, you know, not all night but it's worth it to see the looks on our families' faces w
. >> cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in alameda with more on that strike. elissa. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the port of oakland, where workers are expected to be shuttled in throughout the morning to go on strike. now, this is day two of a strike that's targeting both the port and oakland international airport. they are both under the same management. now, workers with the service employees international union are upset over contract negotiations. they have been working without a contract for 16 months and talks have been dragging. the union says the port wants to cut wages and benefits to more than 200 workers. that includes janitors and maintenance workers. they also say port executives have been illegally withholding important information related to bargaining. >> we're going to show the port authority that we're serious, that we want a contract. we want to protect our workers' benefits. it's a matter of worker solidarity and we are here to stand up for -- i'm from san francisco. we're going to stand up for our brothers in oakland. >> reporter: this 24-hour strike
neighborhood. let's check in with elissa harrington. >> reporter: the rain has been falling consistently here in san anselmo ever since we arrived just before 4:30 this morning. so get your umbrella put on a rain jacket because the storm has already arrived. i'm standing next to the san anselmo creek which runs through the middle of town. it floods when it gets to about 13 feet and at last check it was just above 2 feet. but over the next few days of course that could change and people will be keeping a close eye on the creek. people who live in town are not taking chances. they spent yesterday loading up on sandbags to protect their homes and businesses. free sandbags are available to residents on sunny hill drive. the police department and the city's public works will have crews on hand 24/7 during the storm to respond to hazards like downed trees. they have cleaned debris and the roads. many businesses have installed floodgates. over the next few days we could see 6 to 10" of rain. >> we live in a low spot at the bottom of a hill so a lot of water comes down and so this is to go around the
is the california teachers association. elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> there are several other major propositions on the ballots statewide. prop 32 calls for more restrictions on political contributions by labor unions. they would not be able to use money from members' payroll deductions. prop 34 would repeal california's death penalty maximum punishment in the state then would be life in prison without parole. supporters say the legal procedures for capital punishment are too costly. and it's been years since anyone in the state has been executed. >>> prop 36 is another crime and punishment measure. it would revise california's "three strikes" law to impose a life sentence only when the third felony conviction is for a serious or violent crime. prop 37 has to do with the foods you eat. it would require companies to put special labels on raw or processed foods made from genetically altered plants or animals. stay with us on cbs 5 for up-to- the-minute results. special live coverage begins at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll be streaming results live on we have you covered. >>> it is 5:11 now
reporter elissa harrington joins us live with more on the wage hike down in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. measure d did pass overnight. 100% of the precincts are in. 59% voted yes, 41% voted no and it did need 55% to pass. now, low wage workers can expect to get that increase early next year. so it was going to happen is tens of thousands of workers in san jose will get a raise. but in turn some business owners say they might have to make cuts meaning hours may be cut or firings. minimum wage goes from the state's hourly minimum of $8 to $10 an hour. measure d has been a very hot issue here in san jose ever since some san jose state sociology students came up with the idea. it got the support of labor unions and backers raised nearly $300,000 to fight for it. still opponents worry that the extra $2 an hour that employees will make could cost businesses millions. i did get a chance to speak with some people this morning to get their reaction. most i talked to are in support of it. >> the people around here they deserve to, you know, get more money
in san jose. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us live from that city now with more on the wage hike. >>> reporter: good morning. well, now since it passed, tens of thousands of workers will get a 25% raise. they will now earn $10 an hour rather than $8 an hour, which is the state's minimum. some business owners will not be happy and have been trying to shoot down measure d since it was spearheaded by a group of san jose state students. they argue they will have to cut hours, cut staffing and that the extra $2 an hour for workers will end up costing san jose businesses millions. >> i'm hiring a new person at a lower rate that person will make $10 an hour so the person who used to make $10 an hour has to go up to 12 and 12 to 14. it's a domino effect. >> reporter: supporters however point to how expensive it is to live down here and that they need that raise to support themselves. san jose joins a handful of other cities including san francisco, who now have their own minimum wage. workers will get their increases early next year. in san jose, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. >
. this morning, a reward is being offered to help find him. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose where in a few hours police will hold a press conference. >> reporter: behind me the small memorial for a 22-year- old man shot and killed during an attempted carjacking on friday night. he was sitting inside the vehicle in the 7-eleven parking lot on south kylie boulevard when he was approached by two men who were in the middle of a violent crime spree. here's one of those suspects. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks. police caught him after a series of robberies. a police chase, a shooting that injured an officer, hit a carjacking that left a man dead. these a map that shows the path of that crime spree. they committed four robberies on friday starting at just after 7:30 when they robbed a little caesar's on story road at gunpoint, then police say they moved on to a gas station on east capital and a jack-in- the-box on curtner avenue and a spa on bird avenue. less than two hours later they arrived at the 7-eleven and shot and killed 22-year-old rory parkpettiford from san jose while attempting
there. >>> black friday is starting a whole day earlier this year. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington live outside a kmart store in san mateo this morning. kmart opens in an hour. >> reporter: there is a line already wrapped around the building. some people got here at 10 p.m. last night. the kmart opens at 6 a.m. and is among a handful of stores opening on thursday for black friday sales. a lot of people are bundled up because it's chilly. you have your blanket. what are you out here for? >> for the door busters, the televisions that are $97 and 1.99. i think that's the majority of people out here for the tvs. >> reporter: what do you think about behalf hang on thanksgiving this year at a lot -- happening on thanksgiving this year at a lot of places? >> i think it's a positive thing because, you know, that way if we're out here now we still have dinnertime with the family. a lot of people are cooking. it has its good and bad. for us it's good. >> reporter: it's 48 degrees. it feels colder. >> it feels like it's below zero. the hypothermia is kicking in! [ laughter ] >> reporter: all ri
to reduce the state deficit. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington has more on the last- minute push. >> reporter: governor brown has spent the final days before the election traveling up and down the state. he has been trying to shore up support for prop 30 which recently dipped below 50% in the polls. here he is at a rally in san francisco. >> keep the california dream alive, yes on 30! thanks! [ applause and cheers ] >> >> reporter: proposition 30 calls for a 7-year hike on income taxes for those who earn more than a quarter million dollars per year. it would also raise the state sales tax by a quarter cent for four years. it would bring in an estimated $6 billion a year. if prop 30 loses, it would trigger automatic deep spending cuts to k through 12 schools, community colleges and state universities. >> i have worked hard and told the truth. i have leveled with the people. when i ran for governor, i said i would ask the people if they wanted to raise taxes, if they thought it was important. we're asking the people. and whatever they say, i'll carry it out. >> reporter: some opponents against
elissa harrington is in front of j.c. penney. they are still not open. >>> reporter: if you look around this mall every other store is even the food places. i saw subway open, people getting sandwiches. but j.c. penney still closed also open at 6 a.m. this morning and the reason for that is because the retail chain is trying to set itself apart from other stores. they say they are all about low prices every day, not just black friday. but they will be having a sale this weekend. their only sale of the year. i found some people. you're waiting in your car for j.c. penney to open? >> yes. we have been up since 12. >> reporter: what do you think about j.c. penney opening later than all the other stores? >> my auntie is kind of upset because like it's different and like by the time it's 6:00, people are going to be like dead tired and, you know, ready for bed and my auntie like they are probably not going to have enough money because they spent it all. so yeah. >> reporter: j.c. penney says they are all about low prices every day not just black friday. have you noticed that shopping ther
101 this morning. as cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us, an suv filled with six family members slammed right into the back of a chp cruiser. >> when we come to a scene like this it's a tragedy that it's a family that has lost a loved one and just giving thanks yesterday for everything that we have. >> reporter: a san bruno family in a deadly car crash just one day after thanksgiving. it happened just before 7:00 in the northbound lanes approaching oregon expressway and embarcadero. an officer pulled on the shoulder to assist a driver changing his tire. the officer was attempting to pull in front of the disabled vehicle when he was struck from behind by a packed suv filled with the family of six. >> patrol car was completely on the right-hand shoulder. fortunately the officer was in the vehicle with his seatbelt on. >> reporter: he suffered minor injuries. the lexus suv lost control. it flipped, lost a tire and ended up crunched by the off- ramp. >> the driver was a father, the front passenger was a mother and the other four passengers were their daughters. two of the daughters
. >>> there have been reports of lightning strikes in the bay area. cbs 5's elissa harrington joins us now from the san francisco airport. >> reporter: it's raining and windy. if we point the camera up to the lights you can see what we're dealing with here. look at that rain being whipped around by these strong winds. sfo reports gusts up to 54 miles per hour. and then below you can see some of those trees whipping around, as well. now, as you said, there was a lightning strike just west of the airport around 3 a.m. and we could expect some flight delays even cancellations making a headache for those travelers who had to deal with this on wednesday. this is the second of a series of storms rolling into the bay area and on wednesday, 36 departures and 37 arrivals were canceled. some flights were delayed up to 3.5 hours. so we are going to kept a close eye on the departure and arrival board here at sfo. but as you can see just by looking at me it's very windy a lot of rain and the storm will continue throughout the morning. at sfo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> something in high dem
. they say they don't know how long this will go on. in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> thank you. there's breaking news in milpitas. the search is on for a man who reportedly exchanged gunfire with officers. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us streets in the area have shut down. cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. take a look. i want to show you that, yes, there are streets closed in the area. there's a lot of police activity. we see here's milpitas police fire trucks in the area. the roads that are closed that we are able to confirm is jacklin road between arizona and campbell. they are closing off the road. we heard from our kcbs partners they won't expect to be open until 7 a.m. there was an officer-involved shooting in the area. we are waiting for the public information officer to arrive on scene to confirm that but we heard that milpitas police were trying to pull over a man in a tan honda and then took off, jumped out of the car and reportedly fired shots at officers. again, these are reports that we are heari
as possible. >>> years after a strip club scandal involving the director. allen martin -- elissa harrington is in the news room. >> we learned in the executive director omar is retiring. it's after a scandal that he went to a strip club and used public dollars to pay for it. receipts from a 2008 business trip show benjamin spent more than 4500 dollars at a strip club. and he was placed on administrative leave and although ben gentleman -- benjamin is retiring he will not receive a severance package. the port will continue investigateing and will discuss reimbursement policies this thursday. the strip club defense was not immediately noticed because the name of the venue called treasures was not on the receipt receipt. >>> the man who founded mcafee associates is now a person o of interest in a murder case. john mcafee sold his remaining shares of the antivirus software company in the 1990s. in the recent years he's been living on an island in belies. people want to question him about his neighborhood. >> he is enormous resources at his disposal. and that's allowed him to do whatever he want
news on the peninsula where a neighborhood is flooded this morning. cbs 5 elissa harrington is in daly city where streets are full of mud. >> reporter: clean up crews are heading up the hill where a water main broke early this morning covering this neighborhood in mud. 8 homes were evacuated and about 100 people in this neighborhood are without water service this morning. they live just below hillside park and we're here on price street and lausanne. police were called at 4:30 to a broken water main. water gushed down the road bringing debris and covering tires. there is also a water storage facility. police have closed off 4 blocks to traffic while they start the clean up process. the water has been turned off and despite a big mess there's no serious damage to report. in daly city, elissa harrington, cbs5. >> we have traffic and weather coming up right after the break. frigidaire we introduced the first home freezer. the first pulsator agitator washer. we created a host of innovations that have helped make your home life better. and now we
in the roadway. we have allen -- elissa harrington. she's on the scene. and we're gathering information to see why this water main broke in the first place. in the meantime, let's check out other roadways including highway 4. we're getting word of a multivehicle crash in the westbound lanes of highway 4 approaching somersville, right now just the left lane is blocked but this is a slow spot anyway, so expect big delays through antioch. here is a live look at the bay bridge, not too bad this morning. no metering lights, and a quick look at the south bay, 101 at trim bell. that is time saver traffic. >>> and 5:31678931. -- 5:31. the investigation of david petreaus now involves general allen. he replaced petreaus and last night they searched the home of paula broadwell. she's the woman that allegedly had the affair with petreaus. tara mergener has the latest. >> reporter: general allen is now linked to the fbi investigation involving his predecessor. >> general allen is entitled to due process in this matter. >> reporter: secretary of defense leon panetta says the fbi has turned the case over to
dispute can come to terms in a meeting brokered by oakland's mayor. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us the strikers say they achieved their goal of disrupting port operations. [ chanting ] >> reporter: two picket lines in oakland, one at the port, the other at oakland international airport. more than 200 workers with the local service employees international union are on a 24- hour strike upset that court executives want to cut their pages and benefits and can't come to an agreement with their union. >> we have been without a contract for over 16 months and we don't think that's right. >> reporter: picketers setout to shut down the port to make a statement to those executives. >> they haven't been honest, not negotiating in good faith. >> reporter: by the late morning no longshore workers or truckers had been able to go in or out. picketers covered all harbor gates. on a typical day the port loads 10,000 trucks. isaac says the maritime area alone generates $8 million economic activity per day. >> any disruption to that is a negative impact to the whole region. >> reporter: the port
night long. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington in san francisco. she has the latest on what's been a long ordeal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the standoff is over. the suspect is dead and ramps to treasure island are in the process of being reopened. now, that suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this all started last night at around 11:00 when police attempted to pull him over in downtown san francisco. they say that he was driving a stolen car. he wouldn't stop and let officers on a chase over the bay bridge and was firing at officers although none of them was hurt. he finally pulled over on the treasure island off-ramp. now, this shut down treasure island for more than 6 hours. people could not get on or off. that man brandished his weapon and then held it to his head. a crisis negotiation team tried to get him to surrender and during that standoff police used two flash-bangs. again nobody was allowed on or off the island so some of those residents were assisted by the red cross at the transbay bus terminal. police believe that this was their suspect 29-year-o
. major roads are closed while the investigation is under way. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at central avenue. what happened? >> reporter: i just got more information. behind me you can see this is an active scene along central avenue. two fremont police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave after killing a man who was attacking his wife. officers were called last night at around 11:00 to the 4500 block of central avenue. a woman who called said that her roommate was being attacked by her husband and he had a knife. when police showed up they found that man naked with a knife chasing after his wife. officers ordered him to stop. he would not so they shot him. the 37-year-old man from san jose has died. one of the officers involved has been with the police department more than 20 years. the other is a three-year veteran. we don't know the motive for the initial attack and we also don't know why that man was naked. the pio told me the two although married were estranged. central avenue is closed from glen more drive to dusterberry way this morning. if you a
's deficit. elissa harrington reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: this is one we'll follow closely because the fate of prop 30 is up in the air this morning. an "l.a. times" poll shows support at 46%. but it needs majority to pass. governor brown has spent the last few days making a final push traveling up and down the state holding rallies, visiting phone banks and reaching out through social media to try and get more votes. here he is in san francisco yesterday. >> keep the california dream alive. yes on 30. thanks! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: proposition 30 calls for a 7-year hike on income taxes for those who earn more than a quarter million dollars per year. it would also raise the state sales tax by a quarter cent for four years. it would bring in an estimated $6 billion a year. if prop 30 loses it would trigger automatic deep spending cuts to k through 12 schools, community colleges and state universities. >> $27 billion of red ink. that was the debt. and we have cut -- we have slashed -- we've -- i mean, it's amazing! >> reporter: the governor mentioned a doomsday
. >>> shoppers did start lining up well before the sun came up today. as elissa harrington shows us some bay area bargain hunters were disappointed before dawn instead of getting deals. >> reporter: >> reporter: and they're off! black friday shoppers got started a full day early this year. a slew of stores opened thursday. kmart in san mateo let customers in at 6 a.m. but deal seekers started lining up in the cold the night before. >> 10:00 last night. >> the firstget the deals for christmas all for the family. >> reporter: the hot ticket items electronics. >> tvs, computers, xboxest, you name it. >> reporter: hundreds at kmart waited hours for this tv a 32" plasma for $97. but the mad rush to the electronics section was a big disappointment for many shoppers. only 10 of those tvs were given out. >> i'm upset because i stayed up all night to come here. >> there's a limited supply as always in any store. >> reporter: so store workers gave out vouchers to the first 10 people in line. >> leaving empty-handed. that's what i came for was a tv. >> reporter: other stores that opened today include sears,
slightly from 7.8 to 7.9%. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington explains those numbers include a big group of part-timers. elissa. >> reporter: that's right. part-time work saves businesses money but comes at a high cost to those who actually take it. some people are working multiple jobs just to make ends meet. >> i have applied for hundreds of jobs. but you don't -- i don't get a lot of call-backs. >> reporter: 52-year-old karen jones is a single mother who also takes care of her elderly father. she was laid off from her full- time job as a technician last november. since then finding work has been near impossible. >> i have gone to career workshops, rehabbing angling myself. it's hard. >> reporter: she got her first gig in almost a year working for $1
harrington, cbs 5. >>> and over here at the san rafael bridge, thank you, elissa, we're expecting high wind advisories here. the high wind advisory across the bay area are expected to go up until about 11:00 in the morning. we're look at winds up to 45 miles per hour with gusts up to 60. the morning commute is slow if you take a look. but again, chp is advising drivers of this high wind advisory because when you combine the wind with the rain and the commute, we're looking at potentially dangerous driving conditions. it's inevitable when weather like this hits the bay area the oil from the road comes up making them slick. chp warns drivers to exercise caution this morning. >> it's important in the first few days to drive like you're driving in fog and ice that you drive slowly and create space. >> reporter: heavy wind and rain are expected to cause problems off the roads, as well. we could see major power outages in our area. pg&e crews were prepping by trimming trees yesterday because toppled trees and fallen branches are the biggest cause of bad weather. the morning commute is slow but th
thanksgiving. so why is cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington life outside a kmart store in san mateo this morning? if you ask, that's because the store opens if you can believe it in less than an hour, elissa. >> reporter: that's right. and we already have a long line that wraps all the way around the building at the kmart in san mateo. black friday is coming a day early. so the store opens at 6 a.m. with those door buster deals. and some people have been out here since last night. let's talk to the first person in line here what time did you get here? >> about 10:00. >> about 10:00 last night. you must be here for some specific items. what are you shopping for? >> for a big tv. >> reporter: for a big tv? just to let people know, one of the hot items is a 42" plasma tv for 199.99 down from almost $500. so let's chat with other people in line. i want to let you know it's about 48 degrees out here. but it feels a lot colder and you can see people bundled up. let's talk to you. i see you have your jacket and your gloves. what's it been like waiting? >> it's been fun. we have met a lot of nice peop
. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose this morning where in just
for any help leading to the arrest. this marks the city's 42nd homicide the year. in san jose, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> the victim of the latest murder in menlo park was from newark. 42-year-old was shot in a car on ivy drive. police are looking for suspects. they took the woman's purse and ran in os directions. -- in opposite directions. >>> authorities are going over missing persons reports as they try to identify a body pulled from the water in san francisco bay. the coast guard found him yesterday morning. there is no information on the cause of the death. >>> this morning, pressure is mounting for an end to the israeli-palestinian violence that left dozens dead and hundreds wounded. 91 palestinians including 50 civilians have been killed in gaza since the air strikes began last week. in israel three civilians have been killed by rockets launched by hamas. susan mcginnis has more on the attacks and now efforts to encourage a cease-fire. >>> reporter: bombs shook gaza city awake monday morning. the israeli air force targeted another 80 sites during overnight and morning bombing
treasure island. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san francisco with more exclusive video of the standoff on treasure island. she joins us now with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this standoff started around 11:00 last night so we're going on almost 6 hours. in this video you can see police officers and the suspect holding a gun
is in a standoff with police and traffic to the area is closed. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san francisco, where police say the man fired at officers. >> reporter: the incident started in san francisco and the suspect fled to bay bridge until he stopped on treasure island. the suspect got out of his car and put the gun to his own head. he has been threatening suicide. there are crisis negotiators trying to talk him out. this started last night at 11:00 wh
has a look at conditions at the richmond bridge, but we begin our team coverage with elissa harrington
this morning. with more on that, cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington joins us with an update. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, basically what they are trying to do is block all of the harbor entrances and they are succeeding at this. you can see all of these truck drivers waiting to get in to make their daily hauls but they haven't been able to do that this morning. the port of oakland loads about 10,000 trucks per day. and many of the drivers i talked to say they are getting ready to go home. this is one of the busiest ports in the country union workers with the service employees international union asking for a fair contract saying executives haven't been bargaining in good faith. they are trying to reach out to the executives and getk this back to the bargaining table and try to get what they want. there will be a rally at 9:00 and another at noon and there's also a second picket line over at oakland international airport. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. we have traffic and weather coming right up. >>> good morning. chopp
,000 part time and full-time workers. in livermore, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> a new poll shows a dramatic shift in the way californians think about the death penalty. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on how they may be ready to end capital punishment here. grace. >> reporter: records the field poll has been asking this questions for six decades typically they would vote no supporting the death penalty. right now at this time in fact cycle most people vote no if they're undecided. that's not what we're seeing in this poll. it surprised a lot of people including the field commissioner himself. >> however this initiative to replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole is gaining steam. >>> reporter: the crisscross shows that 45% of californians want to get rid of the death penalty by voting yes on proposition 34 while 38% want to keep tha maximum penalty. >> this is another case where if this should pass a big reason for its passage would be because of ethnic voters support. latinos and african-americans are more likely to be supporting the repeal of the
is still under investigation. in palo alto, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> it's unknown if the sisters thrown from the car were wearing their seatbelts. all northbound lanes reopened six hours after the crash. >>> in other bay area headlines a yacht excursion on the bay for seven people and their pets ended in this coast guard rescue. the boat started to take on water this afternoon near the berkeley pier. all the people as well as a dog, cat and snake were taken back to shore safely. >> a shootout at a san rafael nightclub sent two men to the hospital this morning. the fight inside club 101 and spilled into the parking lot. police arrested three men. the two men who were shot are expected to survive. >>> two firefighters were hurt when a ceiling collapsed at a san jose apartment come election last night. one suffered a broken neck and concussion. the 16 year veteran is in the hospital in stable condition. two of the units in the building were destroyed. the cause is an accident. >>> a rollover crash in san francisco's richmond district sent two people to the hospital. it flipped at 12th and
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